This week—for real this time—Licence to Spiel strikes like Thunderball! Thad and Carl discuss the fourth James Bond film and draw their attention to many things in this (perhaps overlong) movie, including Largo's several fashion faux pas, the introduction of Kevin McClory, how NOT to be secret, and of course, that jetpack.


At long last, No Time to Die is finally here, and so are our thoughts on it, fresh from the theater. 


The Bond series hits its stride with Goldfinger, where we learn how not to smuggle gold, discover that Kentucky Fried Chicken may not be in Kentucky after all, and help Thad with his aversion to unnecessary hydraulic lifts.

From Russia with Love turns this into a full-fledged franchise and adds some elements that will become staples of the series. Join us as we talk about Sean Connery's second Bond film. 

In our first episode, we cover the film that started it all: Dr. No. 


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